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The Merits of Staying In A Sober Living Home

Addicts recovering from abusing substances and trying to remain sober have to make certain choices after completing the rehab treatment and joining the society. Upon completing the rehab treatment recovering addicts are sent to stay in areas that they used to live when they were abusing substances. For a person trying to recover from an addiction problem that is a huge mistake. Going to the real world and trying to stay away from the negative habits that led them to addiction can be very challenging. This becomes worse if they are forced to live in the same surroundings they were before they went to a treatment facility.

This is where the idea of sober living homes comes in. The sober living homes will offer the stability and support a person needs to make sure they stay on the right path. The homes help them transition well to the society at a pace that is reasonable and keep them from temptations of getting addicted again. They can attend outside treatment, work their day jobs and reconnect with their family and friends while living in a sober living home. Sober living homes differ wit treatment facilities in that, the person recovering from addiction can stay there as long as they want to if they feel they are not ready to live in their old habitats.

There are several advantages of staying in sober living homes for people who are trying to stay sober while mingling with society. Sober living homes are not as expensive as living in the outside world. Since the residents of these homes are from rehab, they do not have enough cash to pay utilities, rent and deposits. It is okay to stay in these houses even if you cannot afford rental deposits or you do not have credit checks. The house is cheap and comes with utilities like phones, internet and free cable TV. There is a support system in these homes. People staying in these homes have the same agenda of staying sober and free from drugs and alcohol.

People who have trouble staying sober are encouraged by their fellow residents as they understand their struggles. the sober living residence is centrally located near shopping malls, public transportation, outpatient meetings and other resources. Although not as strict as the treatment facilities, sober homes also have regulations that they need to follow while staying there to help them stay focused and sober.

Residents of these homes have to attend counselling meetings and any other type of outpatient addiction program available.

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