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Tips to Help You Buy the Right Moonstone

If you are looking to buy a gemstone that will never lose its value in years to come better choose a moonstone. Moonstones have been as jewels and for astrology for quite sometimes now and if you need one, you only require to find a legit dealer near you. The store you pick to buy a moonstone from should be legit to avoid buying counterfeit ones without knowing. The major thing one should have in mind when buying a moonstone is quality. Be very careful on this to avoid being fooled by online sellers who offer fake and substandard moonstones on sale.

To help you buy high-quality moonstone at ease, here are a few things you should consider.

To start with, one should consider the transparency of the moonstone. Moonstones that are less transparent are considered to be more valuable and authentic than opaque ones. With this in mind, one should make sure they choose to buy a moonstone that is highly transparent than the rest. High-quality moonstones tend to be expensive, unlike low-quality moonstones that are less transparent. A good moonstone should not be fully transparent, but it should instead produce some electric blue adularescence light which increases its attractiveness.

One should also take time to look at whether a particular moonstone has inclusion bodies before buying. High-quality moonstones should have any inclusion and should be as cleat as water. Moonstones with inclusions which are referred as centipedes should be avoided as the inclusion highly affect its internal reflection system. Where possible, only buy moonstones without any foreign objects as they are durable and will serve your need in the best way possible. Internal scars in a moonstone influence how much light they reflect and one should avoid them at all chance.

It is also wise to consider the color and shape of a particular moon before making a choice. Avoid moonstones that have background colors as thus ruins their transparency. Over the days, there have occurred green moonstones that have become more favorable than the blue ones since they are unique. One should look for a moonstone with a cabochon shape as it is attractive. These types of moonstones are valuable and worth buying.

One should also take time to consider the prices of the moonstone. Look for moonstone jewels that are correctly priced to avoid making a mistake.

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